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Hackaday Links: Summer, 2015

was experimenting with LNAs and RTL-SDR dongles. If you’re receiving very weak signals with one of these software defined radio dongles, you generally need an LNA to boost the signal. 265 more words

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It’s now the weekend, If I can’t have fun playing with the CNC, driving it electornicially in the manner it’s intended, I’ll have fun with the screwdriver instead. 127 more words


LG's G4 gets an iFixit teardown, beats all of this year's flagships in repairability

This year’s Android flagships have really gotten the beating from iFixit. The group gave the HTC One M9 a 2/10 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 a slightly-better 4/10, just as two examples. 167 more words


Moto 360 - Skeuomorphism cannot be always the best

There are many discussions about which is the best shape for a smartwatch: Round or Square; and even in the Android world you can find examples for both: 691 more words


Tearing Down The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has been out for nearly a month now, but so far we haven’t seen a good look at the guts of this little metal bauble of electronic jewelry. 251 more words

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Cyborgs On Crack - 66D Mutations

Artist: Cyborgs On Crack
title: 66D Mutations
cat: X.O.S.16
keywords: coldwave, electro, electronic, gloomwave, industrial, post-punk, acid, experimental, electronic, house, mind, pop, synth, teardown, Kansas City… 721 more words


LG Watch Urbane gets the teardown treatment, is actually pretty easy to fix

The disassembly pros at iFixit are at it again, this time tearing down the LG Watch Urbane. LG’s latest entry into the Android Wear space is considered by many to be the fanciest and… 253 more words