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The Whole German Life

The title of this post may seem misleading and it’s probably really terrible of me to write that title. Basically, I want to talk about two things today and I decided to smoosh them into a title together. 564 more words


March 29th - Raillery

Raillery – n 1: good-natured ridicule: banter 2: jest

My head throbbed. I readjusted the ice pack on the baseball sized lump. The team were engrossed in their raillery and greasy pizza, both of which made me nauseous. 70 more words

365 Words Challenge

Week of 3/29

Here is the plan for this week:

3/30 – Game at Rothwood #6 at 6:00. Please be at the field around 5:15.

3/31 – Practice at Blackshear at 5:30. 14 more words


Are You Surrounding Yourself With The Right People?

Too often in my career I’ve seen managers struggle because they don’t surround themselves with the right people. It’s goal of this post to stimulate your thinking on this topic. 314 more words


Reikland Reavers (Human) - How to Play

There are two thing you have to remember when playing humans – you need star players (a lot of them) and you want some specific team and staff upgrade cards. 935 more words


Day 3 of 175: No quitting ahead...we're off beach walking today!

There’s no getting out of it we have raised £75 so far of our target of £750! and 11 miles have been walked in two days. 95 more words


What Just Happened?!

There are times when everything goes as planned. The expected outcomes come along on schedule as goals are met within their timelines. This is fortunately a rare occasion. 62 more words