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Team 13

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Team 13

Challenges of Reporting Internationally

When covering international news, journalists are presented with challenges that they would otherwise not face while reporting in the United States. In his talk, Michael Slackman outlined the troubles that his colleague, Alissa Rubin faced while reporting on ISIS’s invasion of Iraq from Mt. 264 more words

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Slackman Lecture

Micheal Slackman in his lecture revealed some chilling stories of his experiences and of other journalists’ experience covering international news in other countries. One of the journalists Slackman spoke about was A… 159 more words

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Michael Slackman: Perspective on Perspective

Before proponents of the social web appropriated the term, “the global village” was used by media sage Marshall McLuhan to describe the effect radio had on… 266 more words

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Michael Slackman Lecture Extra Credit

Outside of the military, there aren’t many professions in which someone constantly puts themselves in danger. We don’t often think of journalists in the same light as, perhaps, a soldier, but after listening to Michael Slackman’s lecture, we might want to start. 272 more words

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Bearing Witness - Extra Credit

What you see is not always what you get “ -Michel Slackman

By – Ashley Longsworth

One challenge faced by Journalists covering international news mentioned by Michael Slackman is understanding the differences in communication. 395 more words

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New York Times Extra Credit

When journalists travel abroad to follow news, they face cultural shock and, in some cases, dangerous situations.

The cultural shock happens due to the differences of values, beliefs, religion, and common knowledge. 244 more words

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