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Maths QR Code Bank

Now this is very useful!

I made QR codes for pretty much every single maths subject (not the new topics yet).

Each takes you to a video that shows you (ie a student) how to do that topic. 35 more words


Clip Art Bank

Make worksheets more interesting with these.


An even better strategy is to copy and paste the contents of the ‘clipart’ folder here

into your clipart folder on your computer. 79 more words


Digital Curation Step #4 - Learn a New Code

Okay.  So let’s recap here.  This week we are talking about how to overcome your digital hoarding addiction.  Here’s what has happened so far:


Calming with "quiet critters" (174 out of 365) #blogaday

These are super cute and easy to make!! One concern is that the very young students might be distracted by them on their desks, but they could just lose privilege of having them if they were touched? 43 more words

Teaching Tools

Digital Curation Step #3 - Examine Past Errors

Click on these links if you missed them: Step #1 and Step #2.

As I mentioned yesterday, I got thrown a curve in my quest to conquer my digital hoarding addiction.   244 more words


Digital Curation Step #2 - Restore Sanity

So, in yesterday’s post, I admitted that I have a digital hoarding problem that is way out of control. Think of it as storing the food in your pantry all over the house and then trying to remember where you hid the marshmallows. 472 more words


Digital Curation Step #1 - Admit You Are a Hoarder

I’ve Scooped, Flipped, Bookmarked, Pinned, and Evernoted. My favorite hobby is collecting information.  In fact, I can pretty much brag that I am GREAT at searching for information and saving it.   229 more words