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An idiya(idea)!

Hi all,


Today seems like an amazing day! I feel so inspired and motivated.Its funny because a few days ago,I was feeling down and was worried about the normal things which worry me and felt like I am useles.However today,I feel like I can finally set up and organised something wonderful and I am really excited about this. 315 more words

All in a day's work

Her life was forever changed
By the things he’d done
The way his eyes held hers
The way he challenged her
Undaunted by her label… 39 more words


Excuses, excuses

So, it seems that the dreaded dissertation and the general life of a PGCE student got in the way of regular posting on this blog. I have spent the last couple of months either sqirreling away in the library or locked in my room planning and close to having a nervous breakdown (that was when I wasn’t actually teaching!) So, for those of you who were wondering (not that there are many of you!!) This is my reason for a consistent lack of posting, not sheer laziness as it has been in the past. 214 more words

Forest wisdom

Today was a case of the ridiculous to the absolute sublime: Me, the Aquarian and a still and silent medieval forest.


There is nothing like a stroll through a deep and shaded forest, giving thanks to both amazing ancient trees and on their way to amazing new ones. 180 more words

Mind Body Spirit

The Thing Unbroken

You can break a promise. Break a bone. Break a record. You can even breakdance. But there is one thing you can’t break, and that’s my spirit. 158 more words


Can Foreign Language Immersion Be Taught Effectively Online?

By Katrina Schwartz

Learning to speak a second language often starts with memorizing words and phrases like colors, numbers and salutations. Soon teachers introduce present-tense verbs and students work to build simple sentences like, “I go to the store.” In the classroom, students practice dialogue with one another and the teacher, hoping that by slowly adding conjugations and more vocabulary, they’ll be able to apply the language in real life. 726 more words


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Visualize your lessons. For the story of Noah’s ark you don’t have to have to fill the room with live creatures. Just gather up some stuffed animals and set them around. 181 more words