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Learning Mathematics Part 1

Why Learn Mathematics?

Technology is everywhere around us, and you need mathematics to master it!

 In fact most top-paying jobs need good math skills:


Snowday Boredom

One of the so called joys of being a teacher are snow days. Ahh… Who wouldn’t like a day of with no strings? Umm… Me. I find it funny that teachers have snow days when they are probably some of the most organized/highly structured people I know. 173 more words

Hello Blogging World!

Hi, my name is Sarah and I started my blog in January after closing an existing blog that I had pretty much abandoned – it had lost all sense of direction and was pretty awful when I think about it… 108 more words


magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide. - ben okri

at our annual

fairy tea party

filled with









magic tea 


changes colors.


From UAE

The Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi, United  Arab Emirates has revealed that the murder suspect of an American in last December, Alaa Badr Abdullah, has confessed to be a financier to a terrorist organisation. 132 more words

We will meet one Day ...

When talking about India of my dreams.

Where every women could walk on streets freely at midnight .

Where every one is peaceful enough that they are not peeking into others business. 103 more words

the year 8 general music lesson that only works with a jamaican accent!

I have Year 8 General Music and I’m teaching the Musicology and Musicianship unit. It’s the last lesson on a Thursday afternoon. Did I mention it’s an all-boys class? 346 more words