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Teacher Comics: Best practices for teaching "controversial" material

Please notice, during the past two days I’ve thrown quotation marks around the word “controversial.” I don’t find My Friend Dahmer controversial in the least.¬†As a teacher however, I have to understand where others might… and as I said yesterday, politically it’s important for teachers to cover their bases, especially in how tenuous our positions can be at times. 22 more words

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Teaching Comics: Going Through the Motions

Hey, welcome back everybody… or I’m saying “Hi, I’m back” and hopefully you’re welcoming me? I guess that’s how it works.

I’m rerunning a comic I posted a few weeks ago today. 16 more words

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Teachable Moments in Ohio Schools Magazine!!!

Ohio Schools Magazine is reprinting some of my comics about the PARCC Assessment in their April issue – I haven’t seen copies yet, but my colleague at school snagged one and was nice enough to send this picture to me. 13 more words

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Teaching Comics: Shakespeare Charades

I wanted to repost this comic from a few years ago as a counterpoint to yesterday’s strip where I take teachers to task for heavily relying on old ideas and lessons. 458 more words

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Teacher Comics: Teachers Just Going Through the Motions

I mean no disrespect here; I have worked with senior teachers who are every bit as keyed in and passionate as they were when the first started working with students… but I know I’m not wrong here.

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