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Buy my book!

For awhile now, I’ve been getting requests for a print version of Teachable Moments. A week that goes by without someone asking me about where they can buy a book or a comic collecting all my strips is a rare one. 371 more words

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Teachers have it easy in the summer...

Here’s a full size version of the comic Ohio Schools Magazine is running this month.

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Teachers have it easy during summer vacation - Teachable Moments in Ohio Schools Magazine!

Hey, I forgot to tell you all! Ohio Schools Magazine printed a brand new comic by yours truly in their Summer 2015 issue! I seriously don’t know how this slipped my mind. 69 more words

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It's coming...

People, please get your $6 dollars ready (plus a little extra for shipping and handling).

More to come by the end of the week…

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Questions from Readers: How did you get your new teaching job?

I thought I’d answer one of the reader questions from a few weeks back.

I should mention how frightening I find the prospect of having to know someone within a school system to even rate an interview. 114 more words

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Teacher Comics: Summer School

Once again, I’m teaching summer school. Here are a couple of comics from 2014 that explain the whys and wherefores of my week-long summer gig. The only thing that’s changed between then and now is… well, nothing. 32 more words

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Teacher Comics: Summer Plans!

I forgot to post this last week. As it stands, I’ve already checked the first two panels off my summer “to-do” list.

It was crazy to see The Rolling Stones in concert. 50 more words

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