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Take. Care.

Well hello there!.. It’s been awhile!

I guess we could call it ‘personal leave’? Hibernation?… Or better- let’s leave it label-less- I took a break from some things this fall & winter. 647 more words


:: Sometimes Mondays ::

Sometimes Mondays look like setting aside the list of to-dos in order to have an impromptu tea party at a certain someone’s special request.

An ongoing series of Monday snapshots and quiet reflections.

ConverseχInverse Featuring Kayla Wheeler

ConverseχInverse is the result of Adam Tedesco attempting to interview people he admires, entirely in verse.


What is Truer than My Life can Be 

The truth and I are like not BFFs… 1,105 more words


"Stay on the Track!"

What an incredible day. I can’t believe all the things we saw. The biggest problem I’m running into in Sahara is that describing the way things look and happen isn’t good enough; it’s all about the way it makes me feel. 1,220 more words

Morocco 2014

How Chocolate and Cats and Tea Just Naturally Go Together

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I like chocolate (well, love is a better word), cats, and tea. It may seem like an odd combo to some, but to me they just naturally go together. 236 more words


Parteaa The Best Tea Out There


Need a spark of energy? Love the taste of fruit-flavored tea? Sip no further than Verve ParTea, a crisp, refreshing non-carbonated energy drink with a bright fruit tea flavor and all the nutrition your body needs. 457 more words