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Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft need to be allowed to exist. Do you know why? Uber and Lyft drivers care about keeping their driving privileges and thus obey the laws of the road, like they’re supposed to, unlike taxi drivers (at least from what I’ve personally experienced in Seattle). 270 more words


Taxi drivers in Skopje

It is a truth universally acknowledged that every taxi driver will try and to rip you off. It’s happened to me all over the world – from the Mancunian taxi driver who charged me three times the fare I’d paid for the same journey the previous day, to the gentleman in Aqaba who insisted there was no bus going to Wadi Rum despite it being directly behind him, and my personal favourite, the rickshaw guy in Vietnam who quoted 15000 dong and tried to charge 50000 5 minutes later. 293 more words


The Easy Way to Catch a Ride

Uber & Lyft have been sweeping the roadways. In big cities, it is often a pain to park during big events or in busy areas, let alone paying to park at these destinations. 184 more words


Is Uber about to implode Part 2...

So now let’s look at the customer’s Side,

Firstly There are people who never have and probably never will use a Black cab, I used to be one of these people. 426 more words


Peace out ✌️

Melbourne, 2015

Have you Hire a 'Private Driver' yet?

yesterday  have a meet up with a friend in north side, and happen to share about topic relate  owing a car and public transport. Nowadays, taxi services are more and more available as more and more taxi service come in to play even with those ‘Private Driver’ like Uber. 401 more words


Moving through Cuba

In Cuba, the humble horse and cart are not relics from the past, they are part of the daily urban and rural transport system.  Saddled and bare backed cowboys, some with family groups straggled along the horse, ride through the town, hooves clattering on the cobble-stoned streets. 412 more words