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Filing Taxes: Secrets Kept From Me

This years is the first year I have filed my taxes on my own. Impressive, right? I thought it was a favor that other people such as my father wanting to do my taxes for me ever since I had a paycheck was just the right thing to do, and then my daughter’s father wanting to file for me using TurboTax for the year of 2012. 418 more words


Daily Prompt: Failure to File and Possible Consequenses

April 15th is fast approaching and failure to file can be a serious issue.  If you are liable to file, you will need to do this sooner or later so no sense ever putting it off just because you are unable to pay your tax.  768 more words

Daily Prompt

The GOP budget shows us the New America that lies ahead

Summary: The first budget by the new Republican majority in Congress shows what lies ahead for America. It’s another tale of the New America rising on the ruins of the old, as the 1% begins the pursuit phase of the battle against us. 1,132 more words



It seems as time goes by, we are losing more and more liberties and the morality  of the country is on a great decline. Just look at the spring break  gone wild in Florida.   77 more words

Cleaning House

I finished my taxes earlier today… I don’t know why I procrastinated as much as I did – I knew I was getting a refund – but I guess part of it was that I am a little worried about last year’s taxes. 1,170 more words