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4 Tips For Tax Season For Libertarians

There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to tax time for libertarians. Taxes are an unbelievably complicated subject. There is no “right” way to fill out them. 1,262 more words


These Apps Will Make Filing Your Taxes Way Less Painful

Let me start by saying that I am not a tax professional. But I am a professional who pays his taxes, and I highly recommend getting expert assistance in navigating the bureaucratic machinations that are the state and federal income tax systems. 536 more words

Unjam Your Timetable by Letting Experts Handle Payroll

Having your timetable jammed with redundant tasks? Are redundant duties damaging your overall productivity? Reach out to an accounting professional so that you can ease some of the pressure off your timetable. 457 more words


Tax Time

Is a candy bar tax deductible? Perhaps. Depends on why it was purchased and what was done with it. For me, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t wining and dining anyone. 567 more words

Bruce A. Borders

Jeb Bush Runs Conservative Gatekeeper Gauntlet

Jeb Bush made headlines Friday when he used wit to parry the boos of college-age conservatives at a conference outside Washington, D.C. “For those who made an ‘ooo’ sound — is that what it was? 794 more words

Sunday = Tax Day

Oh how I wish today was Sunday Funday for me; instead, I’m laying in bed at home figuring out my taxes. How I love Tax season; it basically means I get all excited for my return only to find out it is not as much as I expected it to be…so much for trying to figure things out early. 79 more words


Economic growth and development now


During the recession of 2007-2009 in the U.S, unemployment rates peaked at 10 percent, employment of young adults declined, and over 300,000 workers were laid off, according to the… 313 more words