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Understanding 1031 Exchanges

The Ultimate Infographic Guide

By 1031 Gateway

In this infographic you will learn how to defer your capital gains taxes utilizing a 1031 exchange, what kinds of properties qualify for 1031, what the basic 1031 rules and time limits are, and how to benefit your heirs by stepping up your basis. 161 more words


More Adventures in Statist Hypocrisy

It must be fun to be a leftist.

You get to spend other people’s money. But that’s just for starters. Using the power of majoritarianism, you also get to tell the rest of the country… 1,044 more words


Tax Reform and the 2016 Election

I’m a huge fan of a simple and fair flat tax.

Simply stated, if we’re going to have some sort of broad-based tax, it makes sense to collect revenue in the… 1,619 more words


A Libertarian Microstate in Europe?

Libertarians, rejoice: there may be hope yet for a country of our own, even if its total size is only 7 square kilometers.

This month, … 465 more words

HSBC threatens to leave for Asia over concerns about Europe

Poor old Ed. On the day that HSBC threaten to leave the UK over excessive tax, regulation and uncertainty over the UK’s presence in Europe he could have had a big business with which to beat the coalition and UKIP but then he went and spoiled it all by implying that David Cameron personally drowns Libyans, or words to that effect. 43 more words


Will the main parties ever come clean about their actual tax and spending plans?

Yesterday’s election news was dominated for a time by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (an independent think tank aiming to better inform public debate on economics in order to promote the development of effective fiscal policy) releasing the latest of their increasingly irate analyses of the main political parties’ fiscal plans. 1,013 more words