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To make taunting, heckling, or jeering remarks.

The infuriated audience began to gibe at the performer who was obviously ill-prepared.



formidable silence executes the most shrilling of sounds. waiting for a breath to suck in every ounce of air, vacuuming up his scent and taste like an infant latched onto its food source. 170 more words


"Unleash the American Dream"


A sign reads “Unleash the American Dream”

What the fuck?

Is this really happening? April 2015–the world’s at the edge of a diving board. The United States, we don’t know if there’s water in the pool or not, but fuck it right? 288 more words

Don't you just love it when the cocky guy gets knocked out?

Taunting your opponent isn’t always the best strategy in mixed martial arts fights.


Team Fortress 2 now add taunts through Steam Workshop

Now a new #usermade TF2 taunt lets you can play as a #saxophonic #Sniper.  Valve has opened up the Steam Workshop to accept TF2 taunts. 80 more words

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