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Three questions to ask to tattoo studios in Melbourne

People opt for tattoos for several reasons. For some, it is a matter of expression while others like to enhance their beauty through them. Some are planning for their first tattoo while other enthusiasts know every artist in town! 160 more words

Tattoo Shops

Three tips to choose a tattoo design for your first tattoo

Many of us would love to get a tattoo. But when it comes to making the decisions, it seems impossible to choose a design. Especially because once you get it, there is no undoing it. 182 more words

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Three tips to prepare for your first tattoo

For first timers, getting a tattoo can be exhilarating! There is a lot of excitement along with nervousness and anxiety. If you have found a good… 164 more words

Tattoo Shops

Things to avoid while choosing a tattoo studio in Melbourne

Tattoos are like beautifully designed scars that will stay with you for life. The permanency of tattoo makes it quite an important decision in anyone’s life and is best avoided over an impulse! 158 more words

Tattoo Shops

L - Laura Kaye & Lola Star

I picked these two authors to feature today because they both write characters from the point of view of tattoo shop owners. My dream job (after being a published author) would be to own a tattoo shop. 332 more words

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What to look for among tattoo parlours in Melbourne?

Some consider tattooing a fashion statement while others a piece of art. Some consider it a rebellious activity while others use it for expression of art. 157 more words

Tattoo Shops

Points You Need To Know Before Approaching a Tattoo Shop in Melbourne

Has a new tattoo design come to your mind and you just can’t wait to get it inked on your body? Wait. If you are getting tattooed for the first time ever in your life, then there are a number of things for you to consider. 130 more words

Tattoo Shops