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Hello Humans!

My name is Larry. I am a foodie cat! I like good food, good company, and purring on Sundays. But most of all I like to fill my belly with tasty human food. 73 more words


Old Fashioned Smokehouse BBQ

There is always debate regarding the best American BBQ because there are so many regional styles which have their own unique styles: Memphis, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas City, Central Texas, East Texas, and Alabama.   280 more words


Honey Roasted Carrot Soup

This is definitely my favourite soup recipe yet! It’s tasty and healthy, the perfect lunch which will fill you up and keep you going throughout your day! 135 more words

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Breakfast Tacos - ★★★★★

Perry is normally the one on breakfast duty when we want more than cereal and toaster waffles, but when he isn’t around I sometimes venture into the kitchen to try new breakfast items with Chance. 401 more words

Sezar Restaurant

Sezar is a modern-style Armenian restaurant hidden down a Melbourne lane-way. They take the traditional flavours and techniques of Armenian cuisine and create delicious contemporary dishes that are great for sharing. 731 more words

Porkburger with braised red cabbage and mustard sauce

I found this one on the streetkitchen blog once again. The title promised the “Best Porkburger in the World”, and I have to say I was pretty satisfied with the results. 320 more words


Savoury Side Dish

Hi friends,

I wanted to share this delicious side dish with you as it’s pretty simple to make and my goodness is the taste rewarding! 220 more words