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Time to lose weight

It’s still a couple of months until we depart for this summer’s great gravel road expedition, and I need to lose some weight. Off the gear. 433 more words


Covering Ends - Plastic & Tarp

Please refer to theĀ Ends page in the assembly guide as well

When you are covering the ends of the structure, there are some similarities and some fundamental differences when you are covering with plastic or with tarp. 308 more words

Multi Shelter Solutions

Wonderful Woobie: USGI Poncho Liner

Ah, the Woobie! Beloved (possibly!) kit of many USA GIs from Vietnam onwards hence the USGI tag. Basically, it is a poncho liner designed to fasten to a military poncho to give extra warmth but its far more versatile than that. 354 more words


TIP: Removing Winter Cover

During the fall and winter months your pool cover accumulates water, leaves and debris. Be sure to avoid mixing the dirty water that’s on the top of the pool cover with your swimming pool water, you can do this by using a pool cover pump or shop vacuum. 141 more words

Wrestling with Wind

DIY Wind Struggles

So in case you missed the previous posts, we went the DIY route for our rain flies. Well, the first of the two is finished thanks to my mom! 1,436 more words


April 6, 2015 | Dream Journal | Aircraft Trying To Assassinate Michael Jackson In My Parent's Yard?

I really do not feel like typing my dream today and I feel like giving up on blogging as the WordPress.com team/Automattic continues to move in directions that make blogging more annoying/difficult/less enjoyable/buggy/impractical/illogical/limited/et ceterea for me, and they continue to mostly ignore our feedback/et cetera; but I am making myself type this anyway, but I can only handle so much and so at some point I will probably quit blogging if things get too bad here on WordPress.com. 1,154 more words

Dream Journal

Pole mod for the Long Ogee Tarp!

Decided to see how tent pole sections work with the Long Ogee tarp over a hammock!

4 sections of ~21″ tent pole with shock cord; tied to tie outs via Paracord… 86 more words