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How to set up your DD 3x3 Tarp like a Tent

I really liked this type of shelter and maybe you get new inspiration for your next trip.


Unicorns Are Real

Autumn finished her latest Lego creation.

“Look, Daddy!” she said. “It’s a park house!”

“A park house,” her father said. “What’s that?”

Autumn explained that a park house was a special place where people could rest and eat snacks while they played at the park. 630 more words


Evaluating the top 3 pieces of gear in your backpacking system

There are three items in my backpacking system that I am constantly evaluating and re-evaluating as my life and situations change. I’m sure most people go through this same evolution. 507 more words


Clean T-Shirt Challenge - Limbo

Set up a standard limbo frame with a tarp underneath and paint liberally thrown around. Each team member completes limbo dance under the pole – if they fall t-shirt gets covered and game over for them. 26 more words


Kelty, Noah's Tarp, 16 ft

The 16 foot Noah’s Tarp by Kelty is a core piece of camping equipment that can replace a tent in mild weather conditions, or serve as a fly or shelter for your tent and gear in wet conditions. 101 more words


How To Rig A Tarp!

Helpful photo to referance when tarping.