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Rain Rain, Go Away. Tips for Camping in the Rain

Here in Idaho it rained nonstop all last week. With a long weekend ahead, I really wanted to get out and go camping so I packed up the car and headed down to Utah hoping to avoid the rain.  655 more words


A biketourist's accommodation

I needed to be ready for anything …and comfortable! Above all to be certain I was happy when resting and able to keep myself and my kit dry. 447 more words


The future of a bike tourist

I’ve spent many hours and days in my saddle and loved it. Touring is a whole new cycling experience for me and a sense of real freedom. 475 more words


DIY Tarp Camping

I’ve spent a lot of time camping over the years, starting out tenting it with my parents as kids, with my friends when we were younger, then 8 years starting when I was 17 (Yeah, had to get parents’ permission to join LOL) 4 active Army, 4 National Guard) in mostly canvas, with 6 to 9 month of the year in the field.  1,569 more words

Time to lose weight

It’s still a couple of months until we depart for this summer’s great gravel road expedition, and I need to lose some weight. Off the gear. 433 more words


Covering Ends - Plastic & Tarp

Please refer to the Ends page in the assembly guide as well. When you are covering the ends of the structure….READ MORE….

Multi Shelter Solutions

Wonderful Woobie: USGI Poncho Liner

Ah, the Woobie! Beloved (possibly!) kit of many USA GIs from Vietnam onwards hence the USGI tag. Basically, it is a poncho liner designed to fasten to a military poncho to give extra warmth but its far more versatile than that. 354 more words