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Today's Journey Tarot Card of the Day 5-23-15

5-23-15 Today’s Tarot is the Three of Air. It is not someone else who disappointed you, it is your own expectations – which can be easily changed. 13 more words


Storytelling with Tarot - Snow White

As I’ve discussed with my articles in Telling Tales, using stories, myths and fairytales in conjunction with Tarot cards can add whole new layers to your interpretations.   868 more words


COTD 23.05.15: Mourn and move on...

Today’s COTD is the 5 of Fishes

Life isn’t always sunshine and flowers, occasionally things go wrong.  It’s when we dwell on these things that problems can occur. 76 more words


Penny Dreadful: The Nightcomers

*Spoilers may follow*

“What is wrong?” Ethan asks of Vanessa after spotting the blood left on the floor from Verbis Diablo

As Vanessa begins to tell her story to him we are brought back to the time in which Mina had gone missing. 824 more words


The Lovers card and the Choice of Hercules

I was reading The Esoteric Tarot by Ronald Decker and I like the idea he puts to us that the Juggler (Major number 1) as Agathodemon is the Guaridan Spirit and that his appearance on the Lovers card as in the Tarot de Marseille can be seen as “the choice of Hercules” or “Hercules on the crossroads”. 301 more words


Of Atonement and Troth

When is it time to pay our debts?

Other ways of asking this question are: what do we live for? What is our highest value? What is the foremost goal of our lives? 745 more words


The Key to Empowerment

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I’ve begun to post Daily Insights Through the Peacock’s Eyes on my YouTube channel. For today’s Daily Insight I used the Animal Wisdom Tarot, and card that came up was Magpie, Seven of Feathers. 529 more words