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Aries New Moon Reading on April 18th, 2015

Aries marks the beginning of the astrological year, so with this New Moon in Aries today, we can all let in some fresh energy for a new start.   741 more words

Card Meanings

That Voodoo that You Do.

Hello beautiful people!

I just spent some time in New Orleans. I drank all the drinks and ate all the foods while witch hunting, looking for vampires, and trying to track down Klaus from The Originals. 336 more words

Real Life.

Major/Minor – Military Ranks? Musical Keys?

by Denise Golinowski

Welcome to Myth Perceptions!

So, Major/Minor? Here, I talking Tarot terminology, and more specifically, the two “halves” of the Tarot deck. Though half may be a misnomer because the Major Arcana has 22 cards and the Minor Arcana has 56. 492 more words

Myths of Tarot Reading

I created a list of the most common tarot myths that I have seen.

1 No one is allowed to touch your deck. Tarot readers let their clients shuffle, cut and pick cards out of the deck all the time. 614 more words

Gates Of Wisdom Tarot

How Tarot can really help

As I mentioned in a prior blog post, I am currently reading What Really Helps by Karen Kissel Wegela.  I’m reading it because of what I see as my calling, which is to help people. 392 more words


Tarot Reading ~ April's Energy 2015 (video)

We’re going to explore the ups and downs that come with April’s energy– the money, the stress, the family connections. What’s April going to bring for you?