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Special Tarot reading rates to celebrate five years of blog posts

Today is my 5 year anniversary on WordPress, and in that time I’ve created almost 1,400 blog posts. (This means that on average, I’ve posted here on about three out of every four days in the last 5 years!) You can find a list of some of the highlights in… 119 more words


Kartenlegen Wien - How the tarot is reviving in Europe

People tend to have different opinions when it comes to divinatory arts, I like to call them that because it makes sense that something so intuitive would be considered an art (and we all know it will never be accepted as a science, for obvious reasons) either they approach the cause with scepticism and criticize upfront or they embrace it with an open vision. 458 more words

Lunahour on Facebook!

SO much as been going on with Lunahour.  I spent a solid week just re-vamping stuff.  I try and update my shop monthly.  Adding and removing readings.  70 more words

Book Read V's Intuition

There are many readers of cards. Some good, some bad. Some just tell you what you want to hear.. Or don’t want to hear. So you go to another reader to ‘hear that good news.’ Love and money, past and future. 327 more words


The Tarot and You - Using the Universal Rider Waite

My personal opinion on the Tarot cards is this: It is like a story book.  You read it from left to right and you interpret and tell the story of what is going on in the cards. 427 more words

The Tarot

Updated: Free Reading~Pick a Card

The deck for this week is “The Psychic Tarot”.
Follow  This Link  to choose your card.

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