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What is your Archetype?

I want you to just do this.  Take your birth date and add the 3 numbers together.  For example if you were born in 13th June 1983,  you add 13+6+1983 together.   160 more words


Daily Card - The Star

The Star is part of the Major Arcarna and is numbered “XVII” (17).

 This card seems a darker card than some of the others, but there is light from the sun which is just below the horizon. 237 more words


VII - The Chariot

Ý nghĩa chính: Vinh quang chiến thắng trong hoàn cảnh khó khăn.

Người phụ nữ với gương mặt tràn đầy tự tin đang phi cỗ xe ngựa chạy nước đại. 736 more words

Steampunk Tarot

Tarot Pink, a Collaboration Deck: My Two of Wands

Tarot Pink for Cancer is a collaborative tarot deck project organized by Ron Leong, founder of Tarot eCards, a digital app for storing electronic versions of whole tarot decks on your smartphone. 1,840 more words


Daily Card - Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is a bright card. There is a woman in a white dress with a blue and gold yoke. She’s holding a bird of prey (a falcon?). 118 more words


Daily Card - XVII The Moon

The Moon is one of the cards from the Major Arcana. It’s a dark, sombre card that begs you to search deeper.

There is water in the foreground and a path leading up the hill between two howling hounds and two standing stones. 127 more words


Further studies and a business plan

I’d been eyeing off a particular Tarot Course online for a few months now. It’s called “The Alternative Tarot Course” and it’s by the very talented Beth Maiden of… 247 more words