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The Daily Draw: Justice, Reversed

Life isn’t fair. We’ve probably all been told this, said it, lived it, worn the T-shirt. Sometimes we feel let down when cosmic payback doesn’t come as instant gratification in a form of our own choosing. 437 more words


Daily Tarot 3/5/15

5 of Swords

Be cautious when dealing with others. There may be a situation where it seems appropriate for you to fight for your self, your position, & your interests and when you do you will win. 87 more words


Discovery Spread

This morning I used a spread a fellow user posted on Aeclectic, the Discovery Spread. The results were quite interesting. I used the Vision Quest Tarot. 451 more words


When one passion points to another - Tarot cards speak about Travel

Over the past few months that I got regular with my daily draws, I started observing certain cards that would pop up with amazing regularity towards certain happenings. 919 more words

Thumping Tigers

The Daily Draw: Ten of Wands, Reversed

I drew this card upright a couple of weeks ago, and focused on how, although it indicates a struggle, this is a sign that you’ve been able to carry on regardless – so it was a good news/bad news take on the card. 343 more words


Daily Tarot 3/4/15

Page of Pentacles

The work you have done to improve areas that provide you with wealth, stability, & or support is starting to take hold as new growth. 78 more words


Workshops by Vikki Anderson

Call to register at 973-492-3110 and for directions to Vikki Anderson’s Butler, NJ home.  You may pay cash or local check at the time of the class.  1,392 more words