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The happenings in my surroundings compel me to think. A couple of days back, a thought, which is being reproduced after this paragraph, occurred to me when I found that many who push very hard fail to deliver quality output. 859 more words


Ready for Learning.

We are working very hard and enjoying our learning. What are you new targets to help you make progress in your learning this term?


Comfort Blanket

When Stick Child was a bit younger, he had a little comfort blanket. Here he is with it, dreaming about smashing up some arbitrary numerical targets. 164 more words

Systems Thinking

Day #29 - What are your goals for the next thirty days?

This next thirty days takes me to May 17th. Quite a lot should have happened by then. Let’s talk about my aims now til then. 259 more words

30 Day Challenge

Reach for the Stars

During our first day back at school, we spent some time thinking about what we need to work hard to improve in both maths and English. 30 more words


Deconstructing Deming XI A - Eliminate numerical quotas for the workforce

11. Part A. Eliminate numerical quotas for the workforce.

I find this probably the most confused part of Deming’s thinking. Carefully reading Out of the Crisis (at pp70-75) Deming’s attack is not on standardised work, that is advocated as central to his message, but against specifications for the volume of work: calls answered per hour, finished parts per day. 906 more words

Operational Excellence