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Three Cheers To The Firkin Weekend With Three Notch'd At Station 2 Tonight

I’m late on this but you should absolutely go out and try these beers. That pin sounds delicious!


“Dealing with Involuntary Childlessness”

Being able to live a happy, fulfilling and purposeful life, when experiencing infertility can seem like an impossible task.

Whatever stage you are in the fertility journey, becoming a mother or father becomes the centre of your world. 771 more words


Letting Go Made Easy, 3 Simple Tips 

There is nothing more frustrating to me at times than being told to “let it go.” I get that crazy punch-them-in-the-face mental flash, then have to remind myself I’m a yogi and repeat ahimsa, non-violence, until I chill out. 1,124 more words

Yoga Lifestyle

Hangin' Right Can Be Mighty Painful

Left and Right

When my late husband bought me that first
computer I didn’t know how to turn it on. Yet,
once I learned the keyboard went to tappin’ 120 more words


Freedom to be me

I’ve been really struggling with body image over the last couple of weeks. But more than that, I’m struggling with my body generally. Not only am I visually disgusted by it, it’s failing me physically and it feels so unrelentingly uncomfortable. 896 more words

Weight Restoration

No more Programs!

The literal 1st and 2nd of May I had the gift of spending time with my friends Chris and Verna.  We were at a conference in Columbia, MO and we all shared a hotel room.  927 more words

Young Living Testimonies

Be The Change....It's your choice

Permission to Change

Gandhi gave the world a permission slip for transformation with words attributed to him: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” meaning that first you must transform inside to create the ripples outward externally actualized in your environment. 401 more words