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The Little Things That Keep On Improving

So going to grab some coffee, I was fortunate to be part of a random act of kindness by someone paying for my drive through order. 375 more words


Stay or Run? How we deal with Discomfort

Sitting with emotional discomfort is difficult. We all have strategies to cope with/run from emotional pain. However, true freedom ultimately comes from embracing this pain, from sitting with the discomfort. 97 more words


Onions, Layers and Gluteus Maximus

Last week we had a revelation. I say ” we” because I am dragging my long suffering Personal Trainer into this. For decades I have exercised and I love going to classes. 258 more words



We had a warm spell the other weekend so we strapped on our snowshoes and tapped some trees. It was quite windy! Since then the temperature has dropped again and the wind has picked up. 22 more words


Sunday Funday #4 - Tap Titans

 Tap Titans – Game Hive Corp. – Android & iOS

Can someone please explain to me the psychology behind these tap-tap games? There’s almost zero skill behind them, and I get the feeling that it’s just a time-waster, mind-number kind of mentality behind their appeal, but I’m not usually into time-wasting games. 165 more words


Are you feeling stressed and have you thought about the health implications?

It’s safe to say that the majority of us recognise that prolonged stress is bad for our health.  There are many issues that can result in prolonged stress including: 539 more words

Days 10 + 11: Tapping

Wow I am so wide awake at 7 am.

Days 10 and 11 of the binge eating recovery program actually make you do physical things. It’s a technique called tapping, and you’re supposed to tap different parts of the body while saying things to release energy. 899 more words