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Last Day of the Event

This won’t be a long post, because it doesn’t need to be. This is just a friendly reminded to finish up any event-related activities you’ve been holding out on. 146 more words

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Ignore these quests

There are two quests, “Running Out the Clock” and “Building Towards the Sky” that appear late in the game. You do not need to complete these quests, as a matter of fact that should be completely ignored. 36 more words

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One Week Left in the Terwilligers Event

Finally, this long-drawn-out event is nearly over. It started back in mid-April. While it was nice that they added Sideshow Bob as a playable character — having an entire event dedicated to the Terwilliger family might have been a bit too much. 144 more words

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Game Psychology: Why we really hated the prize wheel

The prize wheel only appeared during a few past events, but it was so reviled that the developers actually made a broken prize wheel one of the decorations last Christmas. 572 more words

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No More Neighboreeno? Goodbye to Harry Shearer??

Hey there Hoppereenos!

By now the sadness heard in the Simpsons community has been spreading by wildfire around to Simpsons Fans worldwide. It seems one the favorite and most beloved voices of many Characters in the Simpsons TV Series may decide to not continue on with the show. 455 more words

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What did you do with the Monsarno Complex?

This week, we wanted you to send in your design for the Monsarno Complex. I got lots of feedback and awesome designs.

If you don’t see yours, this is because I might have missed your design, you might have been late, or you didn’t send yours in at all. 52 more words

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