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Guide to Visiting Neighbors for Terwilligers: Act One

Before you can visit neighbors and get anything out of it for the event, you need to complete “Chaos She-ory Pt. 1″. This is the quest that comes immediately after “Scientophagy Pt. 421 more words

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Should I Buy the Monsarno Farming Licence?

Hello readerinos! The Terwilliger event is somewhat similar to Halloween or the Superhero event in the sense that you need to collect items to upgrade the main building and craft new items. 286 more words

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Here is how the Terwilligers events works

This event is complicated. As soon as you complete the Monsarno Research building, you’ll be inundated with a seemingly overwhelming amount of information. The only way to really get a grasp of what to do is to breakdown each aspect of the event, one at a time. 414 more words

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Bored Gaming: The Simpsons superheroes

The recent Simpsons: Tapped Out update was a superheroes update I believe I’ve talked about before. If not, I’m talking about it now. In this edition, you could unlock extra costumes for the characters and buy some new ones with saved doughnuts. 168 more words


Dialogue for the Sideshow Bob (Terwilligers) update

So the update appears to be live on both iOS and Android devices. You get Cecil as soon as you log-in, then you have to send him on a 4h job. 198 more words

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UPDATE! The Terwilligers!

Hello readerinos! Grab your device and log into your game because an update for a whole new event awaits you! If the event doesn’t trigger for you right now, try to reboot your device and visit de the store. 97 more words

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Hey Addicts, Caption This!

Sometimes TSTO gives us humorous little moments when we capture our characters doing rather strange things.  These posts are all about those strange and funny moments! 113 more words

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