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Should I Buy The Radstation Air Fortress?

Super Platypus to the rescue! What is she rescuing? Well, huh, your DONUTS!

We are now in issue 2 of the Superhero event and EA is keeping us entertained with new content for the weekend. 262 more words

Tapped Out

SPOILERS: Collect all the things with The Collector

Yesterday our viewers made it clear that they would like some spoilers. Though since not everyone wants surprises ruined, we’re going to try and do our best to keep spoiler content out of the first paragraph. 529 more words

Tapped Out

Do you want to be spoiled?

If you’re playing at a normal pace, you may less than a day away from having enough pie bombs to unlock the National Bank of Springfield. 99 more words

Tapped Out

No Clowning Around, It's Pie Time

The second part of the event has now started, and we have roughly two weeks to unlock three new prizes, which includes a building, a costume, and a new character. 307 more words

Tapped Out

Genuinely enjoying the game again

For a while, this game was getting pretty boring and a bit too predicable. Everyone expected a Valentine’s Day event, but we didn’t really get one this year. 385 more words

Tapped Out

Donut Bonus for collecting extra Carbon Rods

If you’ve managed to unlock Clownface early, any additional carbon rods you collect will be used towards a donut bonus chance. After collecting 3,000 carbon rods you’ll have a choice of opening one of three boxes, with the possibility of winning between one and three donuts. 351 more words

Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

I’m not going to lie: it can be really¬†addictive. It’s also really frustrating. You spend several minutes hours doing “quests” of some sort to gain money and XP to unlock more items to craft¬†– which unlock more quests and earn you more money and XP over time. 420 more words