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Girl Scouts' STEM Event: Limitless Possibilities

Working together with kits of LEGO® bricks, a Smart Tablet and a six-step guide, each team of two Girl Scouts was ready to tackle its project: building mini New NY Bridges. 548 more words

New NY Bridge

U.S. Coast Guard Cutters Create Safe River Lanes

“With two to three cutters on the river every day and all of them moving from one point to another, the river is open to commerce,” Charles W. 354 more words

New NY Bridge

March Roars In, Colorfully, on the River

This morning looked hopeful: about 90 percent of the snow was gone, pavement and sidewalks came back, no salt kicked up under the car as I drove, and all was looking good. 197 more words

New NY Bridge

River Dell Students Get First-Hand Career Insight

Two chilly weeks ago juniors and seniors from River Dell High School visited the Tarrytown viewing area and learned about the various co-op and career choices — from compliance to finance, architecture to engineering — available with the bridge project. 217 more words

New NY Bridge

Two Months Later: Batch Plant Update

There’s a portable concrete batch plant available for a few more hours on eBay. How do I know? I added it to my Watch List two months ago when… 281 more words

New NY Bridge

Valhalla Man Survives After Slab Of Ice Crashes Through Windshield On Tappan Zee Bridge

VALHALLA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Westchester County driver had a close call with some dangerous ice.

It started as a routine trip Rockland-bound, said 23-year-old Frank Kopicki, of Valhalla. 207 more words


Tower Crane Challenge? Bring It On!

After reading the New NY Bridge tweets about the Tower Crane Challenge, I decided to try my hand. It requires participants to place the tiny construction crew member on the target using the crane’s controls. 279 more words

New NY Bridge