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Lane Closures Tonight for Exit 9 off the Bridge

If you were driving in rain and fog recently, then you noticed some lane markings are more clearly visible. I noticed it yesterday when everything disappeared. 138 more words

Tappan Zee Bridge

Traffic, Shoulder Lanes and a Disappearing River

Lucky the left shoulder lane was wide enough for the emergency vehicle to pass through easily. I heard the siren before I saw the lights in my rear view mirror and looked for an opening to change lanes. 180 more words

Tappan Zee Bridge

Using Transit Oriented Development to Plan Sustainable Futures

How to build economically and socially vibrant communities that ensure a healthy environment today…and for years to come? How can transit-oriented development help create these sustainable communities? 515 more words

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This is Not the Last Exit Before the Bridge

Dateline — Saturday morning after a snowstorm en route to a meeting in Tarrytown. Roads are clear (I waited a bit since they were icy where I live), the sky is clear. 277 more words

Tappan Zee Bridge

Now You See Me . . . And Now You Don't

Something told me not to say anything. I did, and then it was too late.

Loving advice followed after I told mom I’m driving to Rockland this afternoon. 266 more words

Tappan Zee Bridge

South Nyack Waits to See What Happens Next

Driving home last night I had the road to myself save for a few cars. Four lanes, no traffic, bridge lights shining.

October 1975. “ 414 more words

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Update: Safer, Stronger Batch Plants Soon On Site

No ice! The river has returned as will stronger and safer batch plants, project officials said Friday.

“Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC’s) investigation into the cause of the structural failures of one of our floating concrete batch plant’s silos is ongoing,” TZC spokeswoman Carla Julian said in a statement. 125 more words

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