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The river, the railroad, the pier and the mountains: Some notes on the picturesque village of Piermont, New York

By Matthew E. Milliken
April 25, 2015

A few times a year, my parental unit, the parental unit’s dog and I will pile into a car and drive to Piermont, a picturesque New York village on the western shore of the Hudson River a few miles north of the New Jersey border. 823 more words


Super Crane: First Historic Lift, Placement on New Bridge

Another page of bridge history was written yesterday when the I Lift NY fitted a 600-ton precast concrete pile cap on a set of piles. 481 more words

New NY Bridge

A First Look at the Project, Intriguing Queries

Additional photos courtesy of RPEA

Someone wanted to know if the cables on the new bridge could be played like a harp. “Can you land a Cessna on the bridge?” another member asked. 416 more words

New NY Bridge

From the "Wish I'd Had a Camera With Me" Dept.

The crane looked really close to the bridge as I drove to Nyack Monday morning. On the way back I didn’t notice if it was this close or that close and checked the camera when I got home. 99 more words

New NY Bridge

Nyack Mayor Jen White on the Village's Fishing Pier/Viewing Platform and SUP Parking

These sections refer to the New NY Bridge project. Read Mayor Jen White’s complete April 2015 Communication here.

What’s next in the park?

The park transformation continues. 328 more words

New NY Bridge

Wondering How to Get There? Follow the Signs.

It’d be easy locating all the new signs in Tarrytown, right? I missed one.

If I was writing about another topic, then I’d tell you I missed all the signs — or did I see them clearly and choose to look away? 212 more words

New NY Bridge

It's Finally Spring!

A familiar odor reached me when I got to RiverWalk Park. The smell wafted across the path and the grass and floated into the air as the river moved against the rocks. 184 more words

New NY Bridge