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The Truth About Water While Travelling

If you ever dare to drink the water from the tap in Mexico, you’ve been warned.  Whatever you do in any country that suggests not to drink the tap water, remember these few helpful tips to avoid getting sick. 107 more words


A City is not the Greenest until its Water is the Cleanest

Cleaning up our Tap Water, A Proposal for Chicago

Lately there’s been quite an outcry to boycott the bottle and embrace the tap. I’m all for creating less pollution, yet I have a hard time swallowing the notion that tap water is safe for drinking. 1,287 more words


Water Fluoridation, is it good or bad?

It seems almost every time fluoride is mentioned, different people aggressively insist that it isn’t bad, there is no evidence to support my view, it is the best treatment for tooth decay, I am being misled, I have the wrong information or that because I have not studied at university or have any qualifications, then really my point of view is invalid. 1,256 more words

Tap water for healthy & pretty skin?

Aloha Gorgeous!

Remember being taught that you were made of 75% of water? And let me guess, you’ve already come across the advise that drinking 1.5 to 3 litres a day was healthy? 142 more words

Health And Beauty

An Example of Sin

WARNING: This is one of those kinda angry and ranting posts. I was asked to write this by someone who felt it’s been too long since I got cranky on my page… 3,140 more words

Ramblings And Rants

The Tap Water issue

Kathy Downer’s story

Kathleen Downer was happily settled in her married life when, in 1983, over a ten week period both her husband and daughter were diagnosed with cancer – testicular and the ALL form of leukemia. 550 more words

Cancer Cure Stories And Other Personal Experiences

Msunduzi Water

What’s one of the safest things to do in ‘Maritzburg? Drink the tap water, of course! Bottled water has always bothered Pizzology Craft Café owner, Geoff Tennant. 380 more words