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Where the Beer Flows Free(er)

My parents trained me from a young age to order water at restaurants by giving me the difference in price if I had ordered a soda when dinner was over. 133 more words

Common Food Misconceptions

Many people are conscious about health and nutrition. However, despite people’s desire to educate themselves about healthy living, there are still many food misconceptions. Here are three common food fallacies. 251 more words


What kind of water do you drink?

When it comes to drinking water there are three different options to choose from: tap, filtered or bottled water. However, the differences between each type is less distinct than you might think. 245 more words


The restaurant pet hates of Mr Tolerant

I think I’m a fairly tolerant person (although I can hear Mrs Miller sniggering as she reads this over my shoulder). I accept people make mistakes and that there is a matter of preference which can make me dislike perfectly good things. 609 more words


Bottled water in a client's office

I saw this racks of bottled water at a client’s office one day when I happened to fix their systems. It got me thinking. Singapore’s tap water is safe to drink. 83 more words


Regina store attracts attention by eliminating bottled water

REGINA – A local candy and ice cream shop is trying to do its part to reduce waste by no longer selling bottled water and instead offering tap water for free. 340 more words