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B.M.W Big Mouth Woman, Zhongli, Taiwan

Hi Dearest Readers of Food Geeks!! Today we are going to one of many cute restos nearby Chung Yuan Christian University. Named B.M.W a.k.a Big Mouth Woman such a unique name! 359 more words


A Photo Journey Through the Island of Taiwan

My parents and I took a 7 day tour in Taiwan. And while I definitely can’t say that I’ve been everywhere in Taiwan – it’s safe to say that we did hit up on a lot of cities all around the country. 587 more words


Japanese Yaki Gyoza Restaurant (赤兔日式燒餃子)

Hello dearest readers! Today we will talk about dumplings, especially gyoza, one of Japanese cuisine’s dumpling. We found this gyoza restaurant nearby Chung Yuan Night Market, named Japanese Yaki Gyoza Restaurant a.k.a 赤兔日式燒餃子. 520 more words


One month in Formosa 

Taiwan is slowly becoming more and more familiar with every passing day. We still have quite the mountain to climb to make ourselves totally at home in this foreign land. 683 more words


Taiwan Struggles With Water Rationing due to "Historic" Drought

TAIPEI (AFP) – Taiwan’s government said Friday it will expand water rationing to its second largest city next month to battle a worsening drought following record-low rain in nearly 70 years. 360 more words

Life Story 生活故事, ZhongLi 中壢, Taiwan

Good day, dearest readers of Food Geeks!

We’re still in Taiwan, ZhongLi City to be exact. And we had lunch here in this eye-catching restaurant named Life Story a.k.a 生活故事.. 620 more words


Azzo (Pasta) Restaurant (艾佐義大利麵餐廳), Zhongli, Taiwan

Hello dearest readers of Food Geeks! After our posts about ROC in Taiwan, here we are, gonna post about another pasta restaurant in Zhongli City, Taiwan. 510 more words