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Think Time In, Not Time Out.

Many of us can reflect back to our childhood and remember a time when we did that thing which resulted in us hearing, “timeout”. As adults, many of us use this common punishment strategy when we see a child act out inappropriately. 1,602 more words


New Journal - 5/23/15

We’ll start with something familiar;

folds of my body as they press in.

The, inconsistencies of my skin,

and its looming age.

Familiar, these ways of harsh


Asked and Answered - Volume 1

I did a little social experiment a few posts ago. I asked W&C readers to submit questions about anything – dating after divorce, parenting, life, etc. 791 more words

Family Fun

You'd think I'd know better

You’d think that I’d know better than to wear a white jacket to work, and leave it on when I’m collecting the kids. I do. I usually take it off and leave it in the car. 588 more words


Dear Irritated Church Goer

I saw your look of disapproval.  I saw the irritated look on your face when you glanced over at us every time my child moved an inch or whispered a word.   849 more words




Sorry, little Loves, but mommy can’t hear you right now. There is a reason the dog and I have locked ourselves in the study. 207 more words


Busting the Myth of the Terrible Twos

Of course there’s something like the Terrible Twos. There’s also something about Terrible Threes and so on and so forth. It would seem that every year of a child’s life brings new problems – problems or issues that continue all through life. 554 more words

Terrible Twos