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The Pox Trilogy

It’s been a while, I hear you say, but I’m sure you only had two kids. What’s with the trilogy?

March has most definitely lived up to its reputation – madness has reigned. 349 more words



Today was not a good day. Today was not my friend at all.

Bambino woke early and was ready to play, othermama took him off for a change and a cuddle to give me a couple more minutes to wake up. 595 more words

"It has Been 6 Days Since our Last Explosion"

When things are going smoothly at our house I find myself holding my breath. I hesitate to begin cheering and celebrating for fear of jinxing an already precarious situation. 1,054 more words

About the In Between (Reprise) - 3/21/15

Into a bad way, I fell about you.

Even worse; I fall without you.

And aren’t you ever so masked, now.

Now you’re, just so swell. 42 more words

Rat Dance Party

I’ve told Lily to get dressed half a dozen times this morning with mounting frustration, and then I realized:  she’s playing independently.

It’s a bit of a complaint/worry of mine.   310 more words

Miss Independent

Miss Mann turned two in January, I was prepared for the ‘terribleness’ which everyone warns of, but was silently and secretly hoping that her tantrum skills had already been finely honed, so as not to need escalating further. 415 more words

Spring Shows Up

Spring is here. I am happy and proud about my tiny garden, I think for the first time ever, even though my profession and passion in life pre-kids was gardening. 1,135 more words