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lay with me

lay with me
my wild blonde devil
among the pines –
stroke me into submission –
i offer my wine to you

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Fourth Grade Field Trip (Tanka)

the twenty eight kids

in a meadow of tall grass

and wild iris

while making grass blade whistles

mimic a flock of kazoos



A song in the night,

Dance to divine devilry.


Fields of revelry,

Dreaming of earthly delight

In a hedonistic storm.


Thank You for Making My Day-Tanka

She came from Haiti

I met her in Miami

Smiled so easy

No baggage completely free

Talking few moments calmed me



Cruising down main street,

All eyes shine upon the ride

As the engine roars

Like thunder on mountain tops,

And sweet exhaust fills the air.


Once Vibrant

Words we cannot say,
Tangled in this scarlet thread.
We must now accept
These feelings were in our head-
This once vibrant love is dead.


Bright Dreams

Each light a burning
Wish that children hope comes true.
Each bulb a bright dream
Of what wrappings hide from sight
Of what Father Christmas brings.