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Tanka (landmines)

26 Apr 2015 – Tanka

You come with cliff notes,
but you just don’t get the gist,
this being Klingon.
Dangerous the poet’s path,
this road is filled with landmines!




26 Apr 2015 – Tanka

Why must all choices
hang us out like clothes to dry
‘twixt day and darkness,
waiting on the Springtime’s storms… 7 more words


NaPoWriMo: Day Twenty-six (Bonus Tanka)





Four smiling buskers
serenading as we eat.
Music to dine for.
Perfect coordination
for a Sunday afternoon.

I have a wonderful volunteering job coordinating happy, smiley buskers for a local Arts venue. I am blessed.


What are we trying to hide? -- Tanka Today 2015.04.26

nestled frog
back against a wall —
one way out;

just a moment’s peace
in a savage world

Sometimes it seems no matter how advanced humanity becomes, the elements of our lives will always boil down to the basic set of behaviors that early humans must have used to survive and thrive where they lived long ago. 324 more words


NaPoWriMo: Day Twenty-six

Based on a true story:

Was it just a dream?
Did I hear the poor man scream
as boiling water
poured from coffee pot to lap? 6 more words


tanka seventeen

sun on silver hair

I watch the spring minnows dart

through shadow and light

stillness and motion at once

gazing down at time itself

—G. Kinnard