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(evening hoots)

evening spent alone

one trip around the big lake

looking at the birds

eagles crest the deep blue sky

sun sets west over green hills… 6 more words

Dicky J Loweman

Dad's reminder TPOS prompt: tattoos

photo: http://www.tattoopinners.

TPOS prompt: tattoos

My response:

bold letters
length of forearm
girls name
put it there to not forget
his daughter’s name

TPOS prompt: tattoos
true story


Sailor's tattoo: TPOS prompt: Tattoo

TPOS prompt: Tattoo

My response to the prompt:

invited to leave
after 3 days
celebrated with tattoo
pinup girl shoulders to hip


TPOS prompt: Tattoo; tattoo with no name

TPOS prompt: Tattoo

My response to the prompt:


sailor in port

hearts and flowers

name blank

fifty years later still blank

didn’t want to jinx his love

True Story  …smiles


TPOS prompt: metaphor... and Winter Memoir Note

photo: (c) Saradunn 2/6/2015
Library, Somesville, Maine, USA

winter wonderland
white fluffy snow creates beauty
snow puff flowers
winter wonderland frost’s bite
black ice ~ surprise landing… 481 more words


Tanka (Silence)

27 Mar 2015 – Tanka

Such fear of silence,

even now – at two AM,

with street lamps watching!

Nothing you were ever taught

prepared you for such moments.



Moon On a Tightrope - a Tanka

From the ground, I gaze
at inky blankness until
the curtain of clouds
part and the moon glides along
a tightrope, stars just behind.

Inspired by a view of the moon amid a tangle of power lines and posted as a response to the Daily Prompt: … 8 more words