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A desired expression

A gentle sweep of fingertips I dream

Slipping the velvet distance of my arm

A secret kiss of passionate perception

A burning hungered indiscretion

The sun sets while the cool night air bites… 94 more words

Tania Elizabeth


We all fear something. Some fearing more than others. Does that mean we’re not fearless?

NO, I don’t believe that it does. I believe to be fearless, you must carry an element of fear. 329 more words

Anything is possible...

To open a page and know you are about to take your next step into a place so unlike your own, and yet still finding similarities within a character or a message spoken, within a dream you once dreamt, or within the smile you envision he or she make. 347 more words

THE TIER OF ETERNAL GRACE 'Where magic and truth unite'

“A unique work that stands as a magical literary achievement”

“An intoxication of breathless fantasy”

“Gorgeously rich depictions of magic, faith and love are interwoven with extraordinary characters that virtually leap off every page with a reality of their own.” 1,868 more words

The Tier Of Eternal Grace

Stop focusing on the reasons why it doesn't work, and find just one reason why it does.

I’ve read quite a few articles and posts lately on several different social media avenues, where one and then another don’t believe that their LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc give them the leads, the sales, the coverage, whatever it is they were hoping to acquire. 604 more words


I have a dream… and I am sure as hell gonna look, listen, write, and speak my way into my place of dreams come true. There ain’t no way I am going to let those dreams remain dormant upon the bookshelf in that back room… no matter how many no’s, no matter how many unanswered prayers and emails wrote. 316 more words