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Watching the End of the World - the hostage

Caleb walked into the common room. Santiago was sitting at the table with Jordynn and Tamara. The women flanked him, both sitting quite close to him. 443 more words


Missy 2003-2015

After initially being fine, I’m very sad to say that Missy did not make it through surgery. We don’t know why. She recovered enough to come home, but passed about an hour after. 54 more words


B011.9 Monkey Family

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“This explains so much.” Camille was the first one to speak up, her voice much calmer than I would’ve expected. Her eyes were fixed on my father, and she looked ready to jump into action (not that I thought she’d stand a chance – he would have… 1,921 more words

Brennus Chapters

A Sister's Worst Nightmare

Paul and John (Harris), shamelessly stolen from my brother’s facebook page. 

This post is a bit different, but I wanted to share this interview with members of my brother’s Army National Guard Unit. 565 more words


Friday Recipe Exchange: Spices and Sauces

I’m heading out for a much needed girls’ day out with LFern. But I didn’t want to leave you without a recipe exchange. I thought it would be fun to focus on one of JeffreyW’s specialties, he likes to make his own spice mixes and hot sauces. 477 more words


From me to you Friday- Tamara- Busy Bee

It’s Spring! and you know what that means, right? I’m a Busy Bee!

Spring means sports! And I have two adorable grandsons, Tristan and Aiden. They are 4 and 6… 839 more words


March 19 - 326 Tamara

1892   –   Asteroid 326 Tamara, discovered March 19 1892 by Johann Palisa.  It is a C-type asteroid of about 93 km wide in the main belt, named after Tamar the Great, Queen of Georgia. 142 more words

Going On Up There Then