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Hot Tamales

My dad, Tom Lane, loved hot tamales. He also liked pickled pig’s feet, Vienna sausage, deviled ham, and other culinary delights that came in bottles or cans. 547 more words


Summer Adventures - A Taste of Oaxaca

It’s like I found a magic lamp that granted me one wish, and I now spend my days reliving the glory of summer break! It’s something I certainly never thought I would experience again, and while some things are different (summer in the Bay Area does not call for shorts, tank tops, and bikinis like summer in Texas!), some things are definitely the same (how have the last few weeks flown by so quickly?!?). 381 more words


Tamale Fest

We’re doing more than cooking; we’re keeping a tradition, alive!

Memphis’ first ever Tamale Fest is this weekend.

Karen Febles is a Tamalera and team leader for the event, and she says tamales are a labor of love in Latin culture. 32 more words

Live At 9

Buen Provecho!

Where I come from making tamales, good tamales, the kind that are all warm and melt-in-your- mouth and go good knocked back with a couple of cold ones, is no joke.   2,274 more words


Tamales tucked away in a Metairie neighborhood, yep it's Guillory's

I was recently thinking that we haven’t done any tamales on Devour Power. So, we embarked on a quest to find some great NOLA tamales. The surprise was we didn’t have to leave Metairie to get them. 255 more words

Devour Power

Pork Carnitas Tamales with Manchamantel Sauce

Don’t you just love recipes that surprise you? I think that the more we cook, the better we get at anticipating flavours; but once in a while we come across a recipe that just floors us! 1,010 more words


Tuesday, Early

Samantha and I awoke quite early, this morning, and managed to wake Al, also. But he went back to sleep, again. The sun was out and the sky was mostly clear of clouds when we first went out, but the forecast calls for cool, rainy weather for this afternoon. 225 more words