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Estonia in a day

Whilst holidaying in Finland, a mid-winter day trip to Estonia was put on the agenda, so we got up early to catch a ferry from Helsinki into Tallinn, the capital of the former Soviet state. 1,072 more words


The History and Charm of Estonia

A medieval walled city, historic churches and landmarks, narrow picturesque side streets, inexpensive shopping, and English spoken everywhere. All in a country that developed skype and established a free wifi network from coast to coast. 819 more words


Tallinn, Estonia

This morning, the Regal Princess docked in Tallinn, Estonia. The capital city of Estonia was founded in 1154 A.D. and is one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. 410 more words


Estonia. Or the 5 days of happiness.

„Going where? Estonia for holidays? Akvile, do you understand, that this country is even colder than Lithuania?“ – these were the most common phrases which I heard the week before. 1,417 more words

Tallinn Old Town

Before I went to Estonia, I think my impression of it was some kind of utopia with a bad history of being stolen. Now I’m back, I’m not entirely sure that’s inaccurate. 777 more words


Going to Tallinn

I was told that you need the right tools to travel or at least you have to know what the right ones are. For that I will tell you how I went to Estonia and what you should remember when you are there. 302 more words