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Daily Prayer 3/28/15

Daily Prayer 3/28/15

Lord I bow before you today, with great respect that you are Lord’ of all humanity. Lord, I come before you today to ask for favour upon my family and friends as well anyone else that comes across this prayer. 156 more words


Episode 259: Multi-Tasking or Mayhem?

Apparently us women are supposed to be pretty good at multitasking; I think I am to a point, especially when I’m on the phone. Sometimes I can be talking to my sister on the phone for an hour or more, so being able to get on with some other jobs at the same time can come in handy! 369 more words


Is My Middle Name Talkative?

Is your theology/religion merely on your tongue? Do we spend our time talking about God and scripture without actually acting on what we are saying? I am asking myself this question, (after all I am the one doing a blog post ;). 1,136 more words



linguistic collage

the art of conversation;

builds social status.

© Paul Nichol.  2015


Home Alone! (poem) (scary)

Parents away, you’d think a cause for Hooray!

That’s not the case;empty, alone in this barren place.

Come night, the television is on, because the computer couldn’t make it through the day. 419 more words


I’m pleased to say my anxiety from this week is fading, I spoke to my mum at length last night and we made a breakthrough as to why i had a relapse. 156 more words

Twin Tee Ate Reflections

Ronald Reagan was President. Aretha Franklin became the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Giants defeated the Broncos in Super Bowl XXI. 1,089 more words