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Sacrifices of APS schoolchildren will not go to waste: Malala

I would like to briefly post about an article pertaining to Malala Yousafzai and her movement regarding children in Pakistan. To give a bit of background on Malala, she is a 17-year-old Pakistani activist for female education, and youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. 235 more words

Why did the Taliban Harbour al-Qaeda?

For the best part of a decade and a half, much of the world has been at war with terrorist and insurgent groups who (largely dubiously) claim to be acting in the name of one interpretation of Islam or another. 1,154 more words

Pakistan v Polio - will the Taliban emerge as the only winner?

It amazes me every day that in a world where there is such tragedy, people will fight to bring hope at all costs.  Health workers, whether military, NHS, private or community volunteers are almost always at the forefront of offering hope.  1,105 more words

Afghanistan’s “Transformation Decade” Depends on the Taliban’s Foot Soldiers

On the cusp of what has been dubbed the Afghan “Transformation Decade” (2015 to 2024) as foreign forces withdrawn, a new government sits in Kabul, Pakistan finally confronts domestic insurgents, and violent Islamic movements proliferate, there is an urgent need to better understand Afghan insurgents’ interactions with rural communities. 1,542 more words


It’s Complicated: The Relationship Between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Taliban

The Afghan Taliban have grown stronger and more deadly over the past 13 years, something Pakistan is often blamed for by Afghans and some in the international community. 1,091 more words


The Victim of Education

قہر پر آزار جس سے میں گزر رہا ہوں
علم کی شمع کا دستخوش بن رہا ہوں

کتاب ہے زدہ، قلم شمشیر دانشاں لیکن
کفر اور عصیاں کا مجرم بن رہا ہوں