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The Need-To Read (86)

The grandmother-

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She finds it difficult to bathe now

Every time she is about to bathe, she finds it difficult, to touch the water, to be in the bathroom. She finds it difficult to take a bath. 239 more words


Tavern Tales

I wondered whose daughter she was. Some Jeremiah at the compound no doubt. The home of four families, an homage to some apocryphal text dug up in a desert. 1,370 more words


365 Grateful: The Storytelling Tree

So, spring’s here, officially at least, and the sun’s been out without rain for a few days, which means the grassy road up the hillside beside our house is walkable. 262 more words


Never Carry Tittle Tattle

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I can tell about two of my own set of values: one is “I never judge a person by what others say”. The second one is “I never carry tales”. 190 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

Tales Series Celebrates 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary for the Tales series, which is one of the biggest JRPGs out there. 229 more words


The Scout's Tale: Part III

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I’d learned never to make assumptions. Especially when it came to life and where it could or could not exist… 3,637 more words