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Time To Take Back...

People will take and take and take until you have nothing left. And why is that you may ask? Because we continue to give. It isn’t them, it’s us.  312 more words

Those Clowns Are Everywhere!

The world is full of “takers”. People have grown cynical and super-suspicious of anybody wanting to help them… You can’t let that stop you. Determine to be helpful.


Worse than Takers

There isn’t a clean way to measure who might be a so-called “maker” versus the presumed counterpart, the “taker”, but let’s accept the premise that some of us “take” more than we “make.” 565 more words



There are heroes, and there are victims.
There are givers, and there are takers.
There are friends, and there are users.

And there are those who drain you of life. 77 more words


Taken 4: Granted.

Think of yourself as a tree. Strong, sturdy trunk, thick numerous branches, leaves, delicious, juicy fruit. You offer your all to others; you withold little. Everyday they come: to sit under your shade, to gather fruit, to climb up your branches. 671 more words



I love stumbling across these sorts of films late at night on Netflix. I hadn’t seen the trailer so I knew nothing about it. It’s about a guy that needs a heart transplant and whilst he’s under anesthetic he is aware of everything that’s going on and can feel the pain of the doctors cutting him open, although his eyes are closed he’s awake but he is completely paralysed. 467 more words


#50ShadesofChocolate: 4 Reasons You Wish Michael Ealy Wasn't Married

Was I the only one who needed a glass of wine when Michael Ealy was snatched out of The Single Men’s Club? I felt cheated and deceived. 640 more words