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Take A Peek: Going Into the Belly of the Beast (aka Times Square)


So yesterday I had to make a run before heading into work. I had to go to the Viacom building in Times Square to get some papers signed for payroll. 422 more words


Take A Peek: Nothing too glamourous but its #werk.

I thought I’d do another peek into my work day as a Production Assistant. Today was a good example of what my days are usually like when I’m not doing just expense reports. 309 more words


Take A Peek: A Day At Work

Hey guys!

So I had a pretty busy morning at work today and I thought it might be interesting to share with you guys a day in the life of a Production Assistant . 298 more words


Gifts from the heart!


I hope everyone enjoy their holidays!!! I thought for my first post of the year 2015, is to share the creations I did for my family and friends Christmas gifts. 279 more words

Take A Peek

Old in it's Ideal as Time Itself

I sit here alone not wanting to breath or move…forcing my brain to take one step forward at a time. My body and mind cry out for the comfort of my bed…to wrap myself in the  comfort of my quilt with a false sense that its the only thing that won’t leave me or maybe that’s not false- who can say? 124 more words

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Unsettle Dreams

I toss and turn, one unsettling dream after another. Every time I wake up my body longs for you to the point I go back and have my unsettling dreams once more because I know that is where I will find you. 81 more words

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Until We Meet

My soul cries out for my other half. I carry your heart in my hands and you carry my heart in yours.  I walk around looking for the owner of this heart like the prince looking for girl who fits the glass shoe. 81 more words

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