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The End is in Sight & Celebrations - [Photographing 2015] The Seventh Week

Book Update

This week I have been rather quiet. It is not that I slacked off – actually it is quite the opposite. I have been focusing on writing my book and the end is in sight. 680 more words


No Strait for Aircraft Carriers

Common misconceptions about 1995-96 Taiwan Strait crisis drive analysis on the utility of China’s aircraft carriers

Co-author: Liao Yen-Fan*

Earlier this year, United States Naval Academy Museum hosted a  2,081 more words

My Publications

KO One Re-act《终极一班3 》Drama (2013)

“我,就是终极一班!” -汪大东

“人不会苦一辈子,但偶尔会苦一阵子。如果你选择逃避苦一阵子的话,但你最后很有可能会苦一辈子。” -汪大东

“落跑是解决不了事情的,就算小芹的事情是你害的、是你的错,你也应该面对它,不是像现在一样,一躲再躲,身为终极一班的老大,就要堂堂去面对任何事。要有担当,勇于面对。” -汪大东

“是因为我总是看着你,才会发现你总是看着他。” -中万钧

“你赚了一块钱,并不是真的赚了一块钱。你存了一块钱,才是赚了一块钱。” -辜战

“爱情的力量大到可以使人忘记一切却又小得连一颗嫉妒的沙石也不能容纳。” -花灵龙

“暖昧是一种无法在阳光下裸露的思潮,是一种在暗夜里怒放成花的隐疾。” -花灵龙

“嘴巴为什么是上下一片?” -辜战

“在爱情里,我只是一个小女人,我不能完全理解你们所谓的时空危机、宇宙危机什么的,我只知道我心爱的男人有危险,我当然要陪他一起面对,我所能够在乎的就是你这些所谓的小情小爱。但是我只是一个平凡的女人,我希望我能帮他解决烦恼,我也希望他能够开心,对我来说他就是我的小宇宙。” -雷婷

“我只是一个小女人,我才不管什么时空大事、宇宙危机,我没有那么伟大。我只知道,我最在乎的是你这个小宇宙如果发生什么事情,我一定要在你身边。” -叶赫那拉·宇香

“因为你的存在,我的呼吸才有意义。” -呼延觉罗·修

“善恶到底是谁胜谁负,我们封印的住那通往魔界的门,但人心、魔性,谁又知道结果如何呢?” -红龙/黑龙 (那维勋旁白)


Yanshui Firework Insanity

Every year to commemorate the final day of Chinese New Year, the township of Yanshui(鹽水)in Southern Taiwan shoots fireworks at willing participants and erupts in an orgy of crackles, pops and orange sparks.   226 more words

Taiwan Lantern Festival

“On the fifteenth day of the new lunar year, we celebrate.”

The Lantern Festival in Taiwan is one of the most important festivals in Taiwan.

119 more words

the Perks of Being in a Intercultural Marriage

Dawen and I are fortunate to be in a marriage where we don’t lose ourselves, but rather we embrace each other. While it may not always be 50/50 (that’s life, I suppose), we celebrate our cultures together and sometimes even create new traditions which only makes our lives even more meaningful. 555 more words


Wang Hui (汪晖) on the Taiwan issue as seen from the perspective of contemporary Chinese history






For the original website see here. 39 more words

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