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I'm Moving to Taichung!

Moving to Taichung? New to town? What do you need to know? Where do you find help?

First, welcome to one of the great cities in Taiwan and all of Asia. 428 more words


Taiwan Lantern Festival

The lantern festival is one of Taiwan’s annual celebrations. Before I came to Taiwan, I had read of a village that was one of the only places in Taiwan where you could release lanterns. 617 more words


Aww Scoot Scoot!!!

Hello everyone!

So my last post was a while ago and I got such an amazingly positive response from it that I just wanted to thank everyone.   204 more words


Lanterns, Lamps, & Koi Fish – [Photographing 2015] The Tenth Week

– The Tenth Week

It is hard to believe how fast this year is flying by! This is the tenth post of my project. I am still a few weeks behind with regards to posting but I will eventually catch up. 304 more words


Taiwan – Taipei and Taichung rides with the Formosa Lohas Cycling Association

I promised I would flesh out my two earlier posts about riding in Taiwan with a bit more of the story of the rides.

This was a special opportunity for me because despite this being my fourth trip to Taiwan this was the first time I had a chance to ride outside the Taipei area. 2,345 more words


[台灣] 適合全家的親子旅遊,全台特搜前三十 PART 2(中部篇)

清明連假在過不久就要到了,怎麼才覺得過完年、放完228,又有連假又可以爽了?當然最快樂的,莫過於有兒童節放的小朋友了,但是爸媽可能就要煩惱,該待家裡小孩去那兒玩?各個大型主題樂園,雖然都用強力優惠來吸引遊客,但相對的塞車與排隊也是免得不了。本週roundTAIWANround要為家長們帶來較為親近大自然且人群稍稍少一點,且最重要是適合全家大小一同出遊的中部好去處! 48 more words