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Endless Time is Now!

I experience two kinds of time—Calculated and Endless. I need calculated time to get the stuff of my life done — for example, to wash, dress, eat and make it to the office. 421 more words


Tai Chi Y3D30: In the kitchen

today’s tai chi was short.  It wasn’t much other than that.  I’m aware that I’m in a rut of bad practice.  I’ve not been living up to my own expectations of myself for this year, and developing a more complex practice.   115 more words

Tai Chi

3 easy ways to reach your goals

It’s human nature to put things off.

Everyone feels busy – with demands like work, family, errands, commitments. It is easy to put things off until the last moment. 315 more words


Tai Chi Y4D29: Beautiful Silence

Did tai chi this morning quite early. Didn’t get to write about it, and definitely feeling like the moment has passed to write about it. 309 more words

Tai Chi

Gym work typically shortens muscles and promotes patterns of tension and fixity in the body.

Tai chi does the opposite: it allows muscles to lengthen, releases tensions and encourages good skeletal use. 186 more words

Tai Chi

In our school we insist that everyone learns the same material without deviation or personal interpretation, but they can apply it how they like providing it adheres to the principles and works. 83 more words

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the floating lines

As I go deeper into my daily practice of Chi Kung and Tai Chi, my world grows inch by inch, the sky opens up a little more, and comfort outweighs pain and fatigue by another ounce. 510 more words