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Tai Chi Y4D70: Awake

I didn’t get a great deal of sleep last night, but it’s OK.  I have a great day planned for the kids in my class.  And I had a great tai chi practice this morning.   222 more words

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One Year of Tai Chi

This month I have completed one year of Tai Chi practice. A year ago I was thinking about a new skill I would like to develop. 465 more words


The world of Complementary or Alternative medicines and therapies incorporates a lot of different approaches to health and well-being. Some; like acupuncture and herbal medicines are invasive; others; like aromatherapy and hypnotherapy; are non-invasive. 630 more words

Tai Chi Y4D69: nine dead deer

today I left my parents house in early, and drove home. The drive was marked by an astonishing number of corpses of deer that had been struck by cars overnight and killed. 46 more words

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The ancient wisdom is known as ‘taoism’.
It must be fully apprehended in order to employ tai chi chuan to its fullest potential.
This cannot be accomplished through form practice alone. 22 more words

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No time wasters please

Visitors often ask if they can:

  1. Take a free lesson
  2. Watch the class
  3. Seek medical advice
  4. Have a chat about tai chi

Unfortunately we do not offer these options. 44 more words

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Tai Chi Y4D68: Art Dayart

One of the things that I love about my parents, my mom in particular, is that they’re very supportive of me and my projects.  It’s a great boon.   254 more words

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