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Maa Kālī: The Great Mother

Why is Mother Kali so radiantly black?
Because she is so powerful,
that even mentioning her name destroys delusion.
Because she is so beautiful,
Lord Shiva, Conquerer of death,

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Chinnamastā: The Goddess Who Decapitates Herself

A simple online catalogue of images for researching Mahāvidyā Chinnamastā—seemingly gruesome, but a possible symbol of self-sacrifice and liberation for the sake of others.

One day Pārvatī went to bathe in the Mandākinī River… with her attendants, Jayā and Vijayā.

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Hydrotherapy Pool | Water is health

Did you know that one of Gloucester’s many amazing community assets is our Hydrotherapy Pool? Heated to 34.5 degrees all year round, the benefits of hydrotherapy treatment include: 133 more words


Lions Club Car Boot Sale | Sat 9 May 2015

There’s nothing like a country car boot sale, you never know what treasures you’ll find amongst the bric-a-brac, odds and sods, white elephants and miscellaneous stuff you never knew you wanted until you first saw it! 28 more words


Senate Bill 1 poses major obstacle to many districts

After District 204 and other suburban districts dodged the negative fiscal implications of Senate Bill 16, the School Funding Reform Act of 2015, also known as Senate Bill 1, has been submitted and discussed over the last couple months. 387 more words


Yearbook earns Jostens honors

by April Demsko, Editor


People have an innate knack for being sentimental.  Maybe it’s why, when the old Hershey’s factory was torn down, the brown smokestacks remained.   497 more words