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Controversial Taboo Language - Are you using TABOO right?

Hi guys, I am back for tonight.

Today when I was watching South Park, an idea popped up in my mind – am I using taboo language correctly? 1,009 more words


Life and death

“… So what do you think happens then?”

“Nothing… non-existence.”

“So what is there to fear in that?”

“Well, I’ll stop existing!” he said, as if that should explain it. 622 more words


The Nether

Imagine a place where you can be whoever you want, and where you can do anything without consequence. It’s like the internet but designed to look like reality. 749 more words


What About the Taboo?

Last week a post on Facebook got my attention.  I am only reacting to the header.  I did not click on the full story, nor have I validated the truth of the matter. 306 more words



i am a child
who is older than you
living in this body
that becomes younger with age
and my mind that was once wrest… 61 more words

Creative Writing

Weekly Round Up #34

Weekly Round Up #34 (16/03-22/03)

After only a day and a half back at work, I was off again this week to go to the Boyfriend’s passing out ceremony. 718 more words

My Life

Talking with Tabitha

As I was procrastinating the other day, kicking back in my swivel chair and doing everything in my power to stall reading more about Sir Gawain and the Carl of Carlisle… 1,723 more words