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You say “Daag achhe hain.”

An then you make me carry my pads, hidden in black polythene

Like it’s sin I’m hiding.

Tell me why you make me so conscious about my period stains… 282 more words


The Basement

Going down

on guys who don’t respect me,

who don’t realize their average–sized cocks

are resting in the mouth of a genius

twice their size. // 305 more words

The Taboo og being Mainstream

We were sitting in the school bus on our way home from school when my class mate told me; “You know you’re not like other girls”. 219 more words


have your cake and.... oh no you didn't!

I will be starting this blog with a direct quote.

2. You can’t change your number, but you can change your attitude. Men know that although being a whore is more or less defined by how promiscuous a girl has been, what really makes being a whore troublesome ( 867 more words

{Review} Stepdaddy Dom

 Stepdaddy Dom by T.S. Irons


Read May 2015

3 Stars


My life was almost perfect. I had a job I loved that made me a ton of money. 156 more words


excuse me?

How do you tell someone you don’t want a relationship but you don’t want to share. No, no, that is not how I operate. You are single and I do not control you therefore I will not allow you to control me. 319 more words

The Resurrection of the Human Canvas

by Oscar Roether


The phone went silent. It seemed like such a simple, innocent answer to a question, but the lady on the other end must have thought differently. 1,416 more words