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My Top 3 Temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

FUN FACT: Angkor Wat, the biggest religious complex in the world, stretches over 400 Km2 and is over 4 times the size of Manhattan! … 503 more words


Angkor - The Grand Circuit

I’d picked up a mountain bike the day before so that I could set off early for the Grand Circuit. I covered a fair amount of kilometers over the course of the day and visited ten temples in total. 428 more words


"Rockclimbing" the Outskirts of Angkor....Beyond Siem Reap, Cambodia

Our dismay at the number of tourists at Ta Prohm (Tombraider location) the day before prompted a 5 am start on our second day visiting the Angkor Archaeological Park. 1,768 more words


Day 2: Temple 5: Ta Som

Period: 12th/ 13th century

King: Jayavarman VII and Indravarman II

It has a gopura with a face and a tree growing around it, so it gives a hint of the other temples- Bayon and Ta Phrom.

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