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Footage of Belgian-Syrian sheikh Bassam Ayachi in liberated Idlib

Mohammed Chourouhou (50), a Belgian fighter within the former islamist militia ‘Suqur as-Sham’, has posted recent footage from Idlib on his Facebook page.

“The city is completely liberated now”, Chourouhou wrote yesterday morning. 231 more words


Rid Islam of Biny and remain secret - $$ Rewards Available


Rid Islam of Biny and remain secret

“Labeik, Allahuma, labeik”

Could one rid Islam of the Satan who is Bastardizing Islam, 588 more words


ISIS isn't the problem,they are the symptom

Below is a great Article by “The Anthropologist” a Hacker that helps keep us all safe from the bad guys.

ISIS is a recurring paradigm.  221 more words


Within the Month: Sunni-Shia tensions will intensify

Saudi Arabia began a military offensive in Yemen just a few days ago, in what is turning out to be one of the most recent standoffs between Sunni and Shia powers in the Middle East. 661 more words


RCAF focused on dealing with air defences in Syria in preparation for bombing campaign

How to avoid missile batteries and navigate defensive radar systems in Syria are among the issues preoccupying military planners as Parliament debates the merits of expanding and extending Canada’s Middle East mission, writes… 698 more words

Defence Watch

Human Rights Watch: Uses photo of US bombing destruction of Syria to condemn Assad

Putting its hypocritical and biased nature on full display once again, the alleged human rights organization, Human Rights Watch, was recently caught in an attempt to fabricate “evidence” of Assad’s use of barrel bombs in civilian areas for the purposes of further demonizing the secular Syrian government.  879 more words

Media, Journalism & Disinformation

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What's Happening in Yemen?

Shia rebels known as Houthis, took the capital city of Sanaa and ran president Hadi out of the capital and into exile in the southern port of Aden. 1,283 more words