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Second of One : Budapest Part 2

I promised a follow-up and look, I’m actually delivering! I kept this separate from my general post as I knew it would likely be a long one and might not interest everyone as much. 950 more words


Vayikra Twenty-Four: An Eye For An Eye

This chapter opens with the Israelites being commanded to use olive oil to continuously keep the lamps inside the Tent of Meeting lit at all times. 534 more words


EDS Awareness Month Days #24, 25, and 26: Following Your Dreams

Today I started a rabbinical school prep program that lasts until the end of July. I have to admit its very daunting. Most of these people are older and more learned than me and its a very big commitment. 245 more words

How the reopening of Edirne Synagogue affected the Jewish community and "religion tourism"

Thu May 21, 2015 1:03pm EDT |  By Sida Dilara Denci

Since the times of Ottoman Empire, The Edirne Synagogue has been a symbol of the practice freedom of Jewism and the strong ties between Sufi and Jewism. 518 more words

Fort Kochi,Kerala,India

Hello, today I shall take you all to a small coastal town in down south in Kerala in India. Who hasn’t heard of Kerala, it’s backwaters, lovely beaches, it’s beautiful ladies with freshly washed hair, let loose  accentuating their back and nape?Well,I too visited this beautiful part of India this winter.The occasion was actually to view the international art event ‘Kochi Biennale’,. 719 more words


Two for One : Dubrovnik and Split

“I think,” my mom commented as we relaxed one afternoon with our cold drinks, “that next time someone mentions going somewhere for a relaxing vacation, I will recommend Croatia”. 1,354 more words


Isaiah's prophecies: Jesus, Paul, and the first century church read the Torah & Haftarah

As you can see in the chart above, the book of Isaiah is divided up by most people into roughly two categories. Chapters 1-40:1 are judgments and chapters 40:1-66 are called the prophecies of comfort on this chart from Thomas Nelson, Inc. 355 more words