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The Symbolism of the Cover Painting

When I first started working on this Commentary, I also had a desire to paint. It impresses me how some people can paint landscapes or people but that is not my skill or interest. 554 more words

Lisa Reihana - Digital Marae

Lisa Reihana’s project Digital Marae is an ongoing conversation between the traditions of Maori marae carving and weaving with the use of digital techniques to create a modern visual language that honours the Atua and creates a space in which they can exist in a form outside of time on a continuum of past present and future. 505 more words

Contemporary Art

Welcome to my Weird/Synchronocity/Inspired By... (BEDA #1)

This is a post I wrote way back in November but never shared. I did have to edit it a little (doesn’t mean it’s error free, but I’ll be blogging everyday so don’t expect that). 1,388 more words


Euclid’s 47 Problem

When I was entering High School I remember my father asked what type of geometry we would be studying.  I being new to the subject didn’t really know so my father insisted that he attend a parent meeting so he could get to know what subjects I would be learning.   2,128 more words

Lodge Presentation

Jesus Is the True Gardener

Running through the Gospel according to John is a theme of dark/light.

Some (not exhaustive) Examples:
Do you remember the first chapter? “In him was life, and the life was the… 1,125 more words

Biblical Studies

...of music and memories

He was good with the chords, could strum them into soft jazzy tones in the blink of an eye. When the mood was right, we would jam. 314 more words