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Messengers With Wings

I’ve been getting messages from birds this month.  A lot of messages.  I noticed somewhere around May 1, shortly after I quit my job of the last three years to start a healing practice, I was seeing Red-tailed Hawks every day. 928 more words


Are You Haunted (forty-ninth)

Isobel had never seen Dennis cry.  She supposed she ought to have cried herself, but she didn’t blame him for not having thought, until he stopped by the Crown café to kiss her goodbye, that he might give her the diamond as a keepsake.  744 more words


The GOD we belive in must be CRAZY

So when I ask if there is god? 99.99% time the answer is gonna be yes. If I ask who is he or she than answer would be ram, Allah, Jesus, Mahavir and list goes on. 702 more words

Shadowing Conformity

Some photos i have taken and then thought of a fitting title. The image usually comes first. However with this shot i saw the shadows, and the resulting image it gave me; and I immediate thought how that shot through mixed aspects of imagery and shadows gave me a real feeling.  55 more words


John Silver Has Got His Leg Back

Be forewarned: The only bare feet in this one belong to a bird…

A young blackbird male started to appear in late autumn at my bird feeder, hopping on his left leg and drawing the right one up against his body, obviously unable to use his right foot. 621 more words



In March, I got my nose pierced because a friend was getting a piercing and my mother called me chicken. Let it be known that I did want my nose pierced, but I was never going to put myself through the pain. 903 more words


With Revealed I am tentatively moving in a new direction, at least for the time being. I am currently approaching the painting as the object in and of itself. 250 more words

Mixed Media