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Pro-Israel speaker booed at Sydney University

‘A dozen of anti-Israel students disrupted an Israeli hasbara speaker at the University of Sydney, Australia early this week. The protesters shouted Free Palestine, Free Palestine ….. 119 more words


Antisemitism on Australian and American campuses, masquerading as anti-Zionism

Having written about the increasing antisemitism and delegitimization of Israel on British campuses, it is dreadfully sad to find that the same disease is afflicting campuses on the other side of the world, davka in Australia which is one of Israel’s most stalwart allies. 2,025 more words


Fifty-year struggle for equality has a major breakthrough at the University of Sydney

By: Michael Kirby

What would Sydney University’s long-time, and formidable, Registrar (1955-1967), Miss Margaret Telfer, make of an occasion celebrating “gay” and “queer” students arriving in droves at the University of Sydney?  1,167 more words


Sydney Day 7: Red Fern, Abercrombie, USyd. 

Red Fern

Pride of Red Fern Cafe

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” #PeterMarshall

Checking out #PrideOfRedFern with @rashnith, this little cafe we saw next to #RedFern Station on the way to soundwave yesterday. 159 more words


The cow-koala disease link and gunclub urged to bite bullet

Reported in the Cooma Express this week, Numerella residents are concerned about the clearing koala feed trees for a proposed National Broadband Network tower. Regional koala coordinator James Fitzgerald said the NBN should put the tower elsewhere because ‘ The removal of koala feed trees is likely to cause nutritional stress. 356 more words


Fifty years on a less well-known Freedom Ride is remembered in Australia

As some of you may remember I was invited to speak at the Youth Affairs Network Queensland conference back in August 2014. In many ways the most challenging experience of my time there was to be faced with my ignorance of the Indigenous peoples and cultures of Australia. 682 more words


Sydney café hostage crisis: The investigation explained

Working from victim testimony and hundreds of hours of social media coverage, an ongoing coronial inquest into the Sydney hostage crisis in Lindt Café has constructed a detailed timeline of events. 643 more words