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Socialistic Monopoly, swim teach and solar power lights

For many years I played Monopoly with my children – ours was a very socialistic Monopoly. When all the properties were bought we would trade. I was extremely benevolent making sure everyone had a fair share of the game – I played when they were 3 and 5 years old so they were young. 175 more words

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Unemployment and the "Let Them Eat Cake" Law

I suspect a lot of families who do it tough remain silent about it or drift into a depression. I have been depressed as a result of our financial straits but soon discovered it does not help. 215 more words

Life With Teenagers

Ah the stress of it all, detours and job options

Yesterday I went for a stress relief walk at 6.00PM. When my lovely daughter got home I ask her how her day was and she told me to shut up, repetitively. 285 more words

Life With Teenagers

Swim teach, job hunting in Alice Springs and Energy monitors

I went up to the pool today to get some training hours. They were very nice – yes I can rock up any time to learn how to teach but do I have a working with children check, another hoop, okay and $80 for the privilege. 168 more words

Life With Teenagers

Almost qualified and the politics of pools.

Started at 830AM and finished at 5.30PM with 3 hours of pool work. I crawled into bed after having a large dinner. What characters the course had – niave 17 year olds and jaded Italian 20 somethings as well as lots of mums. 277 more words

Life With Teenagers

Sydney's new gay mecca: Out and proud in East Village

“Free recovery kits fit for a queen!” That’s the huge sign up on the South Dowling Street side of East Village Shopping Centre, the most magical thing to happen to my life since I met both Kylie and Dannii Minogue.  378 more words


Jumping through hoops and night time light saving

Up at the crack dawn for Austwim course being held at the back of beyond – it is a two day course filled with mostly mums just like me. 402 more words

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