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Made in Palestine

My daughter Beth lives in Sydney in a shared house with a large Muslim family – supposedly every Jewish mothers worst nightmare. But I’m not that kind of Jewish mother and they are not that kind of Muslim family – she is not yet donning a burka. 856 more words

Bondi Beach

I heart Sydney , the Sydney life with model drawing

Five years ago on March 13, I moved to Sydney on my own to pursue a career. It was a scary, often lonely, everything-is-new period of my life where I moved out of my family home for the first time to new a city to start my first full time job. 275 more words


Socialistic Monopoly, swim teach and solar power lights

For many years I played Monopoly with my children – ours was a very socialistic Monopoly. When all the properties were bought we would trade. I was extremely benevolent┬ámaking sure everyone had a fair share of the game – I played when they were 3 and 5 years old so they were young. 175 more words

Life With Teenagers

Unemployment and the "Let Them Eat Cake" Law

I suspect a lot of families who do it tough remain silent about it or drift into a depression. I have been depressed as a result of our financial straits but soon discovered it does not help. 215 more words

Life With Teenagers

Ah the stress of it all, detours and job options

Yesterday I went for a stress relief walk at 6.00PM. When my lovely daughter got home I ask her how her day was and she told me to shut up, repetitively. 285 more words

Life With Teenagers