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My dad was moving my phone to another charger that charges faster when he noticed my lock screen (above) and he was just

“Send me this picture” 83 more words


He's got a sword!!

You idiot! We’ve all got swords!

-from Aladdin

Teaser Poster

A promotional poster that hints at the sense of mystery and adventure in the film.

Art Surprenant

Film Production 101 #1: The Journey Begins

A podcast hosted by writer/director Lenny Sherman.  We go over the film’s humble beginnings, from inception right up to the finished screenplay.


Art Surprenant

Teaser #3 - Bastian Vilkor

This teaser focuses on intergalactic crimelord and maniacal politician Bastian Vilkor, as he reveals his intentions for the galaxy.

Directed by Lenny Sherman, this spot stars stand up comic and actor Ron Rigby, as Bastian Vilkor.

Art Surprenant