Sword Art Online Ⅱ Phantom Bullet Kirito cosplay+costume

Upon his first Full Dive in, he was stunned to see that his avatar was extremely feminine. At one point, a player even offered to buy his account as this kind of default avatar was quite rare. 38 more words

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Sword Art Online ALfheim Online Yuki Asuna Cosplay

Asuna is a friend of Kirito and is a sub-leader of the guild Knights of the Blood, a medium-sized guild of about thirty players, also called the strongest guild in Aincrad. 77 more words


Sword Art Online Leafa Cosplay

Kirigaya Suguha is the cousin and adoptive sister of Kirigaya Kazuto. Her VRMMORPG is Leafa. After Kazuto gets trapped in Sword Art Online, she begins playing Alfheim Online as a Sylph in an attempt to understand him better. 48 more words

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Sword Art Online Leafa cosplay costume

Leafa is upbeat and outgoing. She is much more social and converses easily with others. Even when Kazuto began to push her away after finding out they were not really siblings, she still treated him with good spirit and tried to get back in his life. 45 more words

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Cosplay Monday: Selica

Selica or Ayano Keiko is the player name for a character within the world of Sword Art Online, a game consisting of many emotions and great action. 100 more words

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