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The end of the Swiss haven?

Cracking down on tax evasion in Switzerland

Looking at the lake, I was wondering if my contact would come. Gallons of water were steadily flowing out of the Jet d’Eau nozzle on the left bank. 975 more words


Venice & Geneva

Day 111

Sunday, April 26th

Today we slept in until like 9 and then packed up our stuff to leave our Airbnb. We were only staying in Venice for 1 night because we flew to Geneva, Switzerland tonight. 689 more words


Spinal Cord Health

Spinal Cord Health: The Wings for Life’s World Run is “an international not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation. Our mission is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. 579 more words


What will never be always

It has been over two weeks since I landed in Frankfurt. You may know I spent three months in England to work at a theatre. I started writing a blog post on it and maybe I will get it done. 715 more words


Blogging from A to Z - V - Vehicles

…Other than trams and trains, haha!

Since that’s pretty much all I talk about, you might think that’s all we have here!

But in fact, there are lots of other vehicles on the street. 463 more words


Motion: Just jump on the train

Life consists of a series of motions taking us from one point to the next. Sometimes we travel in a group, sometimes all by ourselves. The road may get… 172 more words


New pictures in 'Transmittance' + some byproducts

Found a wonderful tree (must find out what kind – sorry) at the Stadtgaertnerei Zuerich today. It was full of blossoms which all were accompanied by whitish leaves, while the others on the tree were green. 225 more words