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Cooper's probably off, so look to the future...

Very strong rumours of Mark Cooper joining Sheffield Wednesday is enough for Ron Smith to look to the future… 

It seems a done-deal that Mark Cooper will be moving to Sheffield Wednesday this week, marking the end of two broadly successful years as manager at the County Ground. 387 more words

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The ballad of Boxing Day

A poem following the release of the 2015/16 League One fixtures – by Matt Arnold…

Image by Brendan Hobbs

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Visualising the 2015/16 fixtures

Now that the fixtures have been released for the top four English divisions, I thought I’d crank out updated versions of my fixture difficulty visualisations. The idea behind these is to categorise each club’s fixtures by the strength of their opponent to pick out particularly easy or tricky runs of games over the season. 361 more words


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Today the Experimental 3-6-1 blog has published visualisations for the difficulty of League One fixtures. Using the average of the eight leading bookmakers' odds, Ben Mayhew has ranked each club's strength and then provided a visual analysis of the difficulty of the allocated fixtures. As for Swindon Town, Ben's analysis has revealed Town have been dealt a relatively kind run of fixtures. Following a tough start at home to Bradford City, Town's toughest period is likely to be October with games against Peterborough, Millwall, Coventry and Wigan. Of all League One sides, Swindon have one of the 'kindest' festive fixtures (behind Doncaster) against the division's weaker sides. With the re-run of the October fixtures in late February and March, Town will then enjoy a favourable final group of games, playing one of the division's top six sides only once in the last eight games. With any early predictions of the league these must be treated with caution until the shape of the division takes hold from October. To view the fixture difficulty visualisations for the Premier League and Football League please click on the links below. League One difficulty analysis - LINK Full article - LINK

Will Swindon Town be playing a home fixture on Boxing Day?

2015/16 fixture release day is 17th June, but will Swindon Town be playing a Boxing Day fixture at the County Ground? 

The last season Swindon Town were at home on Boxing Day was the 2006/07 season, playing Wycombe Wanderers in a 2-1 victory. 711 more words

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The best I've ever seen #7: The 91/93 Potato Print Away Shirt

We continue our ‘Best I’ve Ever Seen’ at Swindon Town series. Following the release of the 2015/16 kits last week, Brendan Hobbs gets creative with some green paint and a potato… 1,609 more words

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Swindon Town 2014/15 Review - Player of the Season

In the final part of our 2014/15 season review, five writers give their verdict on the player of the season and we ask for your vote on their nominations… 715 more words

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